PIKNIK WOLFFER SONDERA Tickets | Tulum | Vagalume Tulum – The Ticket Fairy

Saturday, 20 April 2024, 1:00pm - Vagalume Tulum, Tulum


Piknik is exceptionally curated music, gastronomic culture, and cocktails.

We host a local designers market, and our dance floor unites colorful souls looking for something authentic.

We are a happy gathering bringing the freshest national and international talent, for blissful and delicious day vibes, into the night.


Saturday April 20th we present the creme de la creme in musical selection.

From 1:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Dress code: BEACH PARTY


 *WOLFFER* (México)

 Wolffer is a Mexican artist who manages to create a perfect mix between dark, fresh and melodic sounds under a specific sequence built with genres like House, Electronic, Disco and Afro; Creating as a result, an unforgettable musical experience.
With a percussion base added to synthesizers, Wolffer manages to transport us into an atmospheric journey, which immerses you in its characteristic sound.

 *SONDERA* (México)

Sondera becomes a cornerstone
of Mexico City’s nightlife after his residency as DJ for 5 years at the legendary club El Colmillo, where he was also booker and music curator. Sondera keeps his career very active
after more than 28 years behind the decks, participating in prominent brand launching events and brand launching events, as well as
as well as in avant-garde venues in the CDMX.
He has been guest DJ at memorable parties such as the awards ceremony of the first year of the Morelia International Film Festival, and in others sharing space with Zoé, Titán, Titán, Jacques Lu Cont, Tim Love Lee, or even alongside contemporary artists such as Stefan Brüggemann. Sondera’s mixes as a DJ have cosmic references, space, prog disco/nu disco, balearic, electronic, techno, house, with the peculiarity of finding spontaneity in mixes of rock, funk, soul, acid jazz, rock and other sounds.

 *DENNIS LIBER* (Grecia)
Dennis Liber is a dj and music producer born in Switzerland, raised in Greece and currently residing in Tulum, Mexico. His early years exploring and teaching himself the methods of synthesizers and drum machines led to experimenting with genres such as acid, detroit and chicago house. These became the sounds that shaped his enthusiasm for producing music. 
While in Switzerland, Dennis developed a unique relationship and proximity to the everyday world of djs and music production through his uncle, a recognized pioneer of house music. Often hauling his records and watching him spin at various prominent clubs, Dennis saw both the ordinary and extraordinary culture and community that was leveraged through music. Inspired by these experiences, he segued into the world of disco, soul funk, tropical and african grooves — leaning towards more organic sounds on the mix.

 *Jimeno* (Mexico)
Carrying the rhythm wherever he goes. With over 10 years and a vast repertoire, Jimeno has defined his style, leaving a mark on every stage he graces. From German festivals to Macedonian & Turkish venues.